Ionic 5″ Oval Nerf Bars

About the 5" Ovals

Don't be surprised if the 5" Oval Nerf Bars out last your truck. Manufactured using 304L marine grade stainless steel prevents any rust or corrosion forming on the surface. "L" rated steel has a lower carbon content than other stainless steels; carbon being a large contributor to rust susceptibility. Integrated end caps prevent any debris from getting inside the bar and sitting. The welded caps are prepped and polished just like the rest.

Bigger is Better

Only on rare occasions is bigger not better. The obvious benefit of a bigger bar is going to be a bigger stepping surface for you to hop on to. After all, the main purpose of any nerf bar or running board is to help you into your vehicle. Thinner bars aren't going to be quite safe as the Ionic 5" Oval Nerf Bars. Also, if you have a lifted truck, anything under a 5" bar isn't going to do it any justice. Go big or go home.

Easy Installation

Installation varies by vehicle and detailed instructions are included. The boards are designed to bolt on to the factory provided mounting points. Sometimes, that includes the body mount locations where the truck body attaches to the truck frame. Some vehicles like the Tundra are designed with mounting holes in the rocker panel.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Thanks to the corrosion proof materials used in the Ionic 5" Oval Nerf Bars, Ionic backs it up with a limited lifetime warranty. Ionic wants to guarantee the happiness of each and every customer. Customer happiness comes from building a product we know will last and in the unfortunate case of a malfunction, we will be there with unmatched customer service and warrantee guarantees.

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