About the Ionic Factory Style Running Boards

With so many bulky, chrome steps flooding the market, finding a basic running board to cover the needs of most truck owners out there is going to be harder to find. Ionic has offered and always will offer the Factory Style Running Boards for those who need a solid step up for their truck that provides a wide step and a simple look. The Factory Style Running Board is available for most of the popular trucks on the market today including models from Chevy, Chrysler, Dodge, Ford, GMC, Isuzu, Lincoln, Nissan, Toyota, and Suzuki.

A True Factory Style

Instead of going to the dealership and spending thousands on the optional boards, check out the Ionic Factory Style Running Boards. They are designed to contour to the lines of your vehicle and sit high and tight for a seamless look, getting you the factory look at a fraction of the cost.With so many applications you can turn your vehicle into the way you wanted it to look from the show room floor.

Rust Proof

The materials used to make the Factory Style Running Boards where chosen with a purpose. For the load bearing components, aluminum was used for its high strength to weight ratio. Each board can handle up to 275 lbs per entry point and only weigh a fraction of that combined. The visual components are made of Molded ABS Polymer. This material is affordable to produce and extremely durable. Neither the aluminum sub-frame or ABS step will rust or corrode, granting this product a Limited Lifetime Warranty

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Thanks to the corrosion proof materials used in the Factory Style Running Boards, Ionic backs it up with a limited lifetime warranty. Ionic wants to guarantee the happiness of each and every customer. Customer happiness comes from building a product we know will last and in the unfortunate case of a malfunction, we will be there with unmatched customer service and warranty guarantees.

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