Welcome to IONIC Inc.

At Ionic Automotive, we strive to be the one-stop shop that will provide everything you need whether it is a work truck, off-road truck, or just your everyday truck. Custom Truck Accessories is our specialty.

Ionic Railway

These sharp looking Railway running boards now come in either a brillant chrome or black satin finish. Railway running boards will add a custom look to any truck, SUV or crossover, with 45 degree bends at both the front and rear of the board. An extra large 4.5 inch step pad will ensure that you and your passengers can easily get in and out of your vehicle. This is a strong product that will last a very long time if taken care of. An aluminum sub-structure adds to the strenth of the board and mounting these boards couldn't be easier.



Ionic Gladiator

The Gladiator Running Boards are a very popular and stylish way to step into your truck or suv. The end caps come in two different colors: chrome and black. The wide step tread runs the entire length of the board. Unlike most boards that have plastic steps, these are a rubberized grippy step pad that feels soft when entering the vehicle. Made of a double wall aircraft grade aluminum, the Gladiator boards are built to last a very long time. The step tread is locked into the running board so that it will never come loose. It also comes with a limited lifetime warranty.


Ionic Voyager

With a 6" wide board and a 4.5" step area - the Ionic Voyager Running Boards are the safest and most durable running boards on the market with an unbeatable price! You will not find a running board wider then the Voyager, and the step pad has superior grip in any type of weather. With a perfect blend of black and chrome, the Voyager boards will enhance the look of any vehicle. The brackets are custom made to fit your vehicle's factory holes, which makes the installation very easy. With a few simple tools you'll have your Ionic Voyager Running Boards on in no time!


Ionic 5" Oval

One of the top steps in the market is the Ionic 5" oval running board(or 'Oval nerf bar'). This product is 304L marine grade stainless steel bar that is high polished to a mirror finish. There are no open ends like most nerf bars - these have polished stainless steel end caps as well! Two large 4.5" saddle step pads will assist the entrance into any vehicle. The Ionic 5" Ovals add a bold look that will be a perfect complement to any truck.

Ionic Factory Style

The classic. The original. The Factory style running boards from Ionic Automotive are some of the most sought after boards in the industry. With a 6" step area larger than most running boards, the Factory Style hug right up against your truck for a seemless look. They are made of a molded polymer plastic with a strong aluminum support. The Factory Style boards come with a confident lifetime warranty. The boards come with galvanized brackets that are generally installed in about an hour. Normally, there is some minor drilling into the pinch weld.



Ionic Billet

Available in black and also a brite aluminum, the Billet Running Boards are a great option for any vehicle. They are made of an aircraft grade aluminum with an anodized finish. These do not have plastic step pads that are slick in a cold or wet environment. The Billet boards are grooved for a 4.5" wide step. You will feel secure everytime you enter or exit your vehicle. The boards ship with vehicle specific brackets and all the bolts needed for an easy installation. Generally, the installation takes around an hour with minor drilling into the pinch weld. The Billet boards offer a sturdy step with a hefty weight rating.